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Interface PC133 Registered Memory Modules

A complete solution for PC133 interfaces and high-speed 133-MHz bus interfaces for networking and computing applications is a family of 18-bit registered buffers and a family of zero-delay clock buffers. PC133 is the next-generation 133-MHz JEDEC standard SDRAM Registered DIMMs targeted at servers, workstations, and high-end PCs that offers a 33.3% increased data transfer rate compared with PC100. The firm's interface solutions support both the low/mid-range PLANAR DIMM with 9/18 SDRAMs and the high-end STACKED DIMM with 36 SDRAMs. The PLANAR DIMMs use P174ALVC1652834FA or P174ALVC162835FA registers and P16C2509-133 clock buffers, whereas the combination of P16C2510-133 and P174AVC16834A or P174AVC16835A is more suited for high load STACKED DIMMs. The registers latch the address and control lines to ensure reliable data transfers at 133 MHz. The zero-delay clock buffer drives multiple devices (SDRAMs and registers) and allows adjustment to the phase error to compensate for different trace lengths and loading conditions due to layout and device variations.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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