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1200-V SiC MOSFETs Take On High-Voltage Industrial Apps

Solar inverters, electric vehicles, welding, and medical devices are some of the applications targeted by Microsemi with its new silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET family. The 1200-V devices are designed for high-power industrial applications with strict efficiency demands. The 1200-V, 40-A, 80-mΩ APT40SM120B and APT40SM120J come in TO-247 and SOT-227 packages, respectively. The 1200-V, 50-A, 50-mΩ APT50SM120B and APT50SM120J come in TO-247 and SOT-227 packages, respectively. Features include high on-resistance, low gate resistance to minimize switching energy loss, high switching frequency, and ruggedness with short-circuit protection.



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