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Automotive MOSFETS Feature Low On-Resistance

Automotive MOSFETS Feature Low On-Resistance

Suited for electric power steering (EPS), dc-dc converters, motor drivers, and load switches, Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has announced a new lineup of automotive N-channel power MOSFETs. Both feature low on-resistance: The TK160F10N1 is a 100-V, 160-A MOSFET, while the TK200F04N1L is a 40-V, 200-A class MOSFET. Both also feature a chip that uses the U-MOSVIII-H process in a TO-220SM(W) package, reducing its limit with an internal connector.

The U-MOSVIII-H process also helps handle spike noise or oscillation in switching operation, therefore helping to reduce EMI noise. In addition, the MOSFETs can reduce conduction loss when used for large motors or switching applications. Both devices feature low thermal resistance of Rth(ch-c) = 0.4° C/W (max) and 175°C max channel temperature rating.

In other Toshiba news, the firm recently announced the TPD7104F, a single-channel, high-side, N-channel power MOSFET gate driver. The IC features a self-contained charge pump that enhances an N-channel MOSFET switch and eliminates the need for external components. It is suitable for automotive applications that use 12-V batteries to operate MOSFETs, such as idle stop and electric power steering systems. 

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