Mini 650-, 800-V MOSFETs Leverage Power Package Innovation

Mini 650-, 800-V MOSFETs Leverage Power Package Innovation

STMicroelectronics’ rugged PowerFLAT 5x6 HV and 5x6 VHV packages feature the large insulation path lengths and clearances required for operation up to 650 or 800 V, within the same 5- by 6-mm footprint of a standard 100-V PowerFLAT 5x6. This results in a 52% smaller footprint than the DPAK. The 1-mm-high PowerFLAT packages also incorporate a large exposed metal drain pad to maximize heat dissipation into printed-circuit-board thermal vias. The company will offer three 650-V MDmesh V MOSFETs (STL12N65M5) in the 5x6 HV (high voltage) package, and four 800-V SuperMESH 5 MOSFETs (STL2N80K5) in the 5x6 VHV (very high voltage) package. It’s also sampling two new 600-V fast-switching MDmesh II Plus low Qg MOSFETs in the 5x6 HV.


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