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P-Channel MOSFET Delivers On-Resistance Down To 2.5 V

P-Channel MOSFET Delivers On-Resistance Down To 2.5 V

Vishay Intertechnology claims its new ‒30-V, 12-V VGS p-channel TrenchFET power MOSFET offers the lowest on-resistance at ‒4.5- and ‒2.5-V gate drives for a ‒30-V, 2- by 2-mm device. The SiA453EDJ’s ‒30-V VDS provides the headroom needed for overvoltage spikes, and its 12-V VGS enables lower on-resistance ratings of ‒3.7 and ‒2.5 V for ultraportable, battery-operated applications. The Vishay Siliconix-developed MOSFET is optimized specifically for load and input overvoltage protection switches, battery chargers, and dc-dc converters in smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile computing, nonimplantable portable healthcare products, hard-disk drives, and handled consumer electronics. For these applications, on-resistance is 18.5 mΩ (‒10 V), 23.5 mΩ (‒4.5 V), 26.0 mΩ (‒3.7 V), and 37.7 mΩ (‒2.5 V). Built-in electrostatic-discharge (ESD) protection equals 4000 V. Packaging is a thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70.


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