Triac-Output Optocouplers Help Curtail Power Consumption

Triac-Output Optocouplers Help Curtail Power Consumption

Two new triac-output optocouplers developed by Toshiba Electronics Europe provide reinforced insulation and low LED trigger currents up to 3 mA. Thanks to the reduced trigger current, the TLP267J and TLP268J can control output at a lower input current, contributing to lower power consumption. The TLP267J consists of a non-zero-crossing photo triac, while TLP268J consists of a zero-crossing photo triac.  Both are coupled to a long-life gallium-arsenide infrared light emitting diode (LED).

Both devices feature isolation voltage of 3750 VRMS, with support for 600-V (minimum) peak off-state voltage and up to 70-mA on-state current.  Furthermore, they’re compatible with a 240-V ac mains voltage. Creepage and clearance distances measure 5 mm (minimum). The optocouplers meet the reinforced insulation class requirements of international safety standards.

Applications include triac drivers, programmable logic controllers, ac output modules, and solid-state relays used in home appliances and white goods.


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