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Paving the Way to the Car of the Future Episode #2: Empowering the Next Wave of Vehicle Electrification

Aug. 30, 2023
Join us for the second episode of this special six-episode series produced in collaboration with Electronic Design and Texas Instruments. This episode focuses on how semiconductor technologies enable automakers to improve electric vehicle design.

The automobile has revolutionized the world, enabling us to live in ways that had previously been unimaginable. Vehicle electrification is at the core of today’s automotive revolution. The migration away from fossil fuel-based vehicle power systems has also launched a revolution toward more intelligent, connected vehicle systems.

In this episode, Alix Paultre, editor at large for Electronic Design, talks with Mark Ng, General Manager for EV Power Trains for Texas Instruments, about the various challenges of vehicle electrification and how semiconductor technologies enable automakers to optimize performance, accelerate development, and make electric vehicles more affordable for more people.

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