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Dual DC-DC Converter Delivers 60 W In 2.3- By 1.2-in. Footprint

The PowerWatt series dual-output dc-dc converters generate a total output power of 60 W in a footprint just smaller than a standard quarterbrick. Pinout, however, matches that of the standard quarterbrick.

These 2.3- by 1.2- by 0.4-in. units use synchronous rectification and planar magnetics to achieve efficiency up to 90%. Under full load, the PowerWatt converters dissipate between 6 and 12 W of power. They can operate with or without an external heatsink and can deliver full power at operating temperatures up to 45°C with 200 LFM of airflow (see the figure for derating curves).

Designed to work with 24- or 48-V inputs, the converters generate outputs ranging from less than 1 V up to 5 V. The main output can deliver the full 60 W at values ranging from 2.5 to 5 V. The auxiliary output is then generated by using a synchronous switching regulator to stepdown the main output voltage to some lower value, which could range from approximately 4.5 V to less than 1 V.

The auxiliary output is current limited to 10 A. For each input voltage option, there are six standard models with popular output voltage combinations. However, custom output voltage variations are also possible. Other key specifications include a 50-µs transient response time and a 150-µA off-state current.

Available in sample quantities, the PowerWatt will be in high-volume production by the end of the summer. Pricing is $64.30 in OEM quantities.

Beta Dyne, (508) 697-1993; www.beta-dyne.com.

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