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Quad Comparators Opt For ATE Applications

Claiming to be ideal for automated test equipment (ATE) applications, the EL5481C, EL5482C, EL5485C and EL5486C quad comparators offer a wide range of features. The EL5481C and EL5482C have 8 ns propagation delays and operate from 6 mA of supply current and the EL5485C and EL5486C have 4 ns propagation delays and consume 13 mA of current. All four devices have an input voltage range of up to 12 V and common mode input ranges that go below the lower rail. The output sections have their own supplies and can be used to interface directly with 3 V or 5 V logic. The EL5481C and EL5485C also contain output latches for data sampling applications. Available in 16-pin SOIC, 20-pin wide SOIC, and 24-pin QSOP packages, prices start at $4.09 for the 8 ns and $6.76 for the 4 ns comparators each/1,000.


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