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Programmable Power Supply Commands Little Rack Space

product pic

Measuring only 1.75" x 9.5", the rack-mountable DLM series programmable 600-W power supplies offer four models with variable output voltages that range from 0 to 8V, 20V, 40V or 60V with output currents of 75A, 30A, 15A and 10A, respectively. Each provides an auto-ranging ac input that requires no user setup for either 90 to 132 vac or 180 to 264 vdc. Front panel controls include voltage and current adjustment knobs, along with pushbuttons for power on, output on, local/remote, voltage, and current preview. Overvoltage protection is also provided. And remote control is provided via a standard analog interface or an optional IEEE-488.2 interface with readback capability. Prices start at $1175.

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