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Distributor Drops RoHS BOM
Addressing impinging deadlines set by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, the company offers component buyers a breath of fresh air for complying with this bit of legislation by way of a Bill of Materials (BOM) Update Service. Available free of charge, the service entails a pain-free process whereby users can submit BOMs for any number of product lines via Internet upload or by calling a toll-free number. Using an Excel spreadsheet or an on-line template, the only requirement for submissions is either the manufacturer's or the company's part numbers. Upon receipt, an associate compares the BOM to a product database and generates a quote that indicates whether the parts are RoHS compliant, if a part number is changing, and the number of substitutes available. On a separate page, substitutes appear in order of exact RoHS matches, upgrades, and recommendations.
Chicago, IL. (800) 463-9275.
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Workshop Predicts Painless RoHS Transitions
Taking the tedium out of transitioning to RoHS/WEEE standards, the company is offering a one-day workshop to help attendees formulate and execute compliance strategies. The event will focus on several topics including the uncertainties of transition that can impact continuity of supply, likelihoods of excess and obsolete inventories, documents and records manufacturers must collect and maintain, and ensuring that each product has a viable RoHS/WEEE compliance and transition plan. The workshop will be held on four dates in three different locations: February 7 and 15 in Raleigh, NC and Santa Clara, CA, respectively, and March 14 and 22 in Boston, MA and Santa Clara, CA, respectively. For further information, visit the workshop web site or contact Bijan Dastmalchi at
Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 656-6392.
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QA Policy Addresses UK's RoHS Interpretation
The distributor's 10-step quality assurance (QA) policy helps users mitigate compliance risks associated with the RoHS directive, particularly in terms of guidelines set down in the United Kingdom (UK). According to the UK's National Weights and Measures Laboratory, product makers will need to show more than certificates of compliance if their productcompliance status is contested. They will need to demonstrate that undefined reasonable steps have been taken to confirm accuracy of the documentation for the parts that were designed or assembled into the product. The QA policy ensures that these requirements will be met. Steps include: a risk assessment process that evaluates the quality of the compliance information, requiring additional conformance and testing information when risks are identified, inspecting parts during the receiving process, resolving discrepancies with suppliers, notifying customers when they've purchased a misidentified part, and issuing certificates of compliance.
Chicago, IL. (800) 463-9275.
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Program Takes Aim At RoHS Deadline
With the July deadline looming, the company's RoHS-compliance program provides users with a range of services to meet the cut-off date, lest they incur serious fines and damaged brand reputation. It provides expertise in converting and, if necessary, reengineering products to include compliant components as the deadline approaches. Services include BOM evaluation, conversion to RoHS compliant components, engineering assistance for product selection, package labeling, BOM expenditure and lead-time analysis to maintain production during conversion, and providing a liaison between manufacturer and OEM to keep RoHS information flowing. For further information, call
Bohemia, NY. (800) 647-3343.
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Label Authenticates RoHS Products
Once a product meets RoHS requirements on the materials side, the company's label is applied, authenticating and making compliance known to agencies and the end user. The labeling system is offered as part of the Total WEEE/RoHS Management Solutions (TWRS), a service for companies looking to ensure compatibility with the WEEE and RoHS directives. Labeling lets manufacturers prove to the European Union that their products are RoHS compliant and using RoHS-compliant components. Where space is scarce, the company provides a modified label.
Newtown, CT. (888) 743-4652.
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Laminate Makes Caps Euro Friendly
In addition to a promise of faster, more compact, and higher-performance PCBs, the company's advanced laminate, embedded capacitor material meets European RoHS requirements. The material is available with a dielectric thickness as narrow as 8 mm and exhibiting a capacitance density in excess of 10 nF per square inch. Put to task as power and ground layers in a multi-layer PCB, the material acts as a decoupling capacitor, eliminating the need for discrete surface-mount capacitors and other components. It is compatible with all rigid and flex PCB processing including laser drilling. Additionally, fabricators and OEMs can use this material without purchasing a license, freeing OEMs of restrictions in their choice of fabricator. For further details, call
Austin, TX. (512) 984-1800.
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Circuit Materials Go Green
Creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere in the realm of high-frequency circuit boards, the company's circuit materials predict a brighter shade of green. For high-volume applications where performance is a factor, the RO4000, a hydrocarbon/ ceramic thermoset laminate system, promises low loss and can be fabricated from standard FR4 processes. Targeting cell phones, the R/flex CRYSTAL flexible circuit materials with a transparent epoxy-based adhesive system offers flame-retardant performance, reliable adhesion, dynamic flexibility, plus low and predictable dimensional changes. Also for cell phone hinge flex, the 2L-FCCL series adhesive-less, all-polyimide flexible materials are available in two lines: R/flex AP 200 single-clad, cast-on type materials and NEOFLEX NFX double-clad, laminated-type materials. Other green materials available include R/flex 8080 liquid photo-imageable cover coats, the R/flex 3000 liquid crystalline polymer materials, and RT/duroid 6202 microwave laminates. For further information, call
Rogers, CT. (860) 779-4045.
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