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Lead-Free Switch Outfits Antenna Modules

Lead free and RoHS ready, the MASW-007813 single-pole, four-throw (SP4T) switch is poised for deployment in multiswitching systems that operate with a single antenna. These include GSM handsets and other wireless designs. In a 3-mm, 16-lead PQFN package, the switch maintains linearity up to 3 GHz and offers high-power handling with P0.1 dB of 38 dBm, a typical insertion loss of 0.6 dB, and an IIP3 of a 57 dBm. It is fabricated via a 0.5-µm, gate-length GaAs pHEMT process with full passivation and is high-power radio frequency tested to ensure complete performance compliance. Price is $1.15 each/100,000.
For further information, call M/A-COM INC., Lowell, MA. (800) 366-2266.

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Power Converters Get With The RoHS Program

Approved for powering Intel's Potomac, Cranford, Gallatin, Nocona, and Irwindale processors, the VRM10C dc/dc converters now meet RoHS regulations. The family includes an 80A 1U module, 120A 2U module, and both 1U and 2U 150A modules. All RoHS modules are backward compatible with non-RoHS versions and meet Intel's 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 power specs. Shared features include efficiencies between 85% and 90%, 6-bit programmable outputs from 0.8375V to 1.6V, and an input voltage of 12V. Price is $44 each/100.
C&D TECHNOLOGIES INC., Mansfield, MA. (508) 339-3000.

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Vehicle Mount PC Rides RoHS Bandwagon

Meeting RoHS requirements, the MPC 6 vehicle-mount computer supports an Intel CPU with operating speeds up to 1 GHz, up to 1 GB of RAM, and compact flash memory. The unit ioperates with Windows XP Pro/XP Embedded or Linux. Options include a 3M Near-Field-Imaging MicroTouch 10" touchscreen, heater, internal UPS, and an automatic switch-off feature. Available in 10" and 12" models, the unit measures 13.85" x 11.57" x 4.88" and weighs 10.6 lbs.
DLOG LOGISTICS INC., Westminster, MD. (410) 840-1982.

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