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RoHS Catalog Goes Interactive
Launched as an interactive online vehicle, the company's RoHS catalog, located on the home page of its website, features 40,000 products that are compliant with the European Union's directive, which takes effect on July 1. The catalog's added functionality allows users to search by part number or description, evaluate products, and make purchases via one seamless platform. Visually, the catalog is a mirror image of its print counterpart, grouping components by type as opposed to brand. The catalog also includes a detailed guide to RoHS compliance and tool tips that include information about manufacturer part-number changes reflecting RoHS-compliant versions of established parts.
NEWARK INONE, Chicago, IL. (800) 463-9275.

AC/DC Supplies Unload The Lead
Tooling up for commercial, industrial, and medical systems, all of the company's standard and custom ac/dc power supplies manufactured after April 15, 2006 are lead-free and in full compliance with the RoHS directive. The supplies accept universal inputs and deliver voltage outputs from 3.3V to 24V with power ratings from 5W to 15W. They sport a rugged design and a fullload operating temperature range of --40°C to +70°C. Additionally, each unit is CE marked and FCC Class B compliant.
BEAR POWER SUPPLIES, Phelps, NY. (800) 551-2327.

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EMI Filter Arrays Meet RoHS Requirements
The company's complete line of standard and custom EMI filter arrays now meet RoHS compliance standards for EMI filtered signal lines. These include the Easy Mate, Easy Mate Jr., boltin, and custom filter plates. Designed for snap-in installation, Easy Mate filters reduce installation time and prep costs while both the Easy Mate and Easy Mate Jr. components feature multiple finger ground contacts that provide EMI filtering from 5 MHz to 18 GHz. The bolt-in filter plates eliminate the need to mount filters into bulkheads and offer filtering from 5 MHz to 1 GHz. They are available in various plate sizes with as many as 74 lines per plate (high density), or 60 pins per plate (standard density). Custom filters can be specified to meet a variety of size and/or filtering requirements. Pricing for the RoHS-compliant filter arrays ranges from $5 to $90 each.
SPECTRUM CONTROL INC., Fairview, PA. (814) 474-1571.

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802.11 Module First To Meet RoHS
Allowing users to effortlessly add 802.11b/g services to virtually any device, the WiPort networking module is now crowned as the first embedded RoHS-compliant device server to provide serial-to-wireless or Ethernet-to-wireless capabilities. The module includes a real time operating system, network protocol stack, and a ready-touse, serial-to-wireless application. It also provides a built-in web server for remote device communication and a web manager for configuration via a standard browser. Pin compatible with the current WiPort 802.11b module, the latest version employs an 802.11b/g radio chipset and a dedicated communication processor that frees the host processor to focus on computing tasks. Other features include WPA encryption, support for the 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES), and SPI, CAN, and I2C interfaces.
LANTRONIX INC., Irvine, CA. (800) 526-8766.

Website Defines China's RoHS/WEEE Law
Announced back in March, the now active Go-Live of website is promoted as the only website dedicated to China's current RoHS compliance law: Administration on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products. The site grapples with the implications of this law, which emerged on February 28, 2006, as well as the ever-growing crop of environmental laws that impact the entire lifecycle of electronic products. Users will find the company's first translation of the law, initial insights to key points and impacts, and updates based on direct contact with officials in the China Ministry of Information Industry (MII). Key site topics include clarification of the law's scope, links to commentaries, original submission of the law to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and technical barriers to the WTO.
DESIGN CHAIN ASSOCIATES LLC, San Francisco, CA. (866) 322-7676.

EDA Software Adds RoHS/WEEE Functionality
Integrating Omnify software, a technology for managing data, into the company's EMA EDM environment is said to increase the application's capabilities for making adherence to RoHS/WEEE compliance directives easier. These capabilities include configuration management, bill-ofmaterials (BOM) management, document management, change management, and enhanced reporting. Configuration management allows users to access and control revisions to all items throughout the entire design cycle, while the BOM function manages all cost revisions. The document-management function provides document versioning/vaulting on all documents associated with product or vendor records with changes made to documents performed under a user-defined process. For product and documentation changes, the system handles automatic routing to users via e-mail and updating of product records when part replacements, AVL changes, partnumber changes, availability, and so forth occur. When delivering reports to meet RoHS and WEEE requirements, the enhanced reporting feature makes analysis and documents available at any point in the process.
EMA DESIGN AUTOMATION INC., Rochester, NY. (800) 813-7494.

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