Is Data Driving a New Age of Test and Measurement?

Dive into how test and measurement companies are using software and data to help optimize product performance in this webinar, with insights from Charles Schroeder, a technology fellow at Emerson.

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Whether you’re building high-voltage EV batteries or designing high-performance chips for 5G wireless networks, chances are it is a constant struggle to keep their complexity under control.

Test and measurement companies say they are uniquely positioned to address the challenge. Testing has long been a backward-looking process that takes place at the end of a product’s design to assess whether it meets specifications. For NI—which is transitioning into a new role as the test and measurement business group within Emerson—testing needs to become more of a forward-looking process that occurs at every phase of a product’s lifecycle to help optimize performance over the short- and long-term.

But making this shift goes beyond hardware. It’s more about using software to harness the huge amounts of data generated by the engineering process. By digging into their data, companies in every sector, including semiconductors, electronics, aerospace, defense, and wireless, can identify problems that may affect the safety, quality, and even performance of a system closer to where they get introduced. Accordingly, test and measurement firms are trying to bring new tools and technologies, including AI, to the table.

To discuss how this could all play out and the potential impact on test and measurement, we reached out to Charles Schroeder, a business and technology fellow in the test and measurement unit at Emerson, formerly NI.


Charles Schroeder – Business and Technology Fellow at NI (Emerson's Test and Measurement Group)

As a business and technology fellow, Charles Schroeder works across the company on key business and technology-driven initiatives. Schroeder consults with executive leaders and department heads, including those from marketing, sales, and R&D, to drive the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth. With a focus on long-term innovation best practices and processes, he currently leads NI’s efforts to find ground-breaking solutions to the test challenges introduced by the adoption of 5G cellular technologies.

Since joining NI in 1995, Schroeder has held various positions, including vice president of product marketing for RF and wireless communications and leadership roles across the RF, modular instruments, DAQ, and IMAQ Vision product lines.

Schroeder holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.


James Morra – Senior Staff Editor, Electronic Design

James Morra is a senior staff editor for Electronic Design, where he covers the semiconductor industry and new technology trends. He also reports on the business behind electrical engineering, including the electronics supply chain. He joined Electronic Design in 2015 and is based in Chicago, IL.


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