Compact Peripherals for Modular Designs

An Electronic Design webinar. The panel will discuss the various challenges, standards, and solutions available to developers.

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Board level expansion is great for larger solutions but more compact, configurable designs demand smaller peripherals using form factors such as M.2 and Mini-PCIe. This panel will discuss the various challenges, standards, and solutions available to developers, as well as other computer-on-module solutions like SMARC and Raspberry Pi that are used to create small form factor (SFF) system solutions. This includes examining Modified COTS (MCOTS) subsystem integration services.


Christian Eder, Cofounder and Director of Marketing, congatec

Christian Eder is a cofounder and serves as director of marketing for EMEA at congatec. Christian – with his 30 years of experience in embedded computing – is the chairman of the COM-HPC workgroup of PICMG. He is also active in a number of PICMG working groups and functioned as editor of the following specifications: COM Express 2.0, COM Express 2.1, COM Express Design Guide, Embedded EEPROM, Embedded EAPI, and COM Express 3.0. Christian is also board member of the SGET and editor of the SMARC 2.0 and 2.1 specification. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Germany.

Jonathan Miller, President and Founder, Diamond Systems

Using his MIT engineering background, Mr. Miller designed the company’s first line of ISA bus slot boards and then migrated them to the PC/104 form factor when it was introduced in 1991. The company’s products are used in every conceivable application, giving Mr. Miller the opportunity to experience firsthand the wide range of customer needs in the market.

David Jedynak, General Manager (Parvus location), Curtiss-Wright

David has held a number of engineering positions at Curtiss-Wright including systems application engineer, technical product manager, Manager of Advanced Solutions, Chief Technology Officer for COTS Solutions and now General Manager. 


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