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What You Need to Know About Signal Path Development

June 7, 2023
Download this Electronic Design PDF eBook by Analog and Signal Path Consultant, Michael Steffes.

This eBook is part of the Library Series: Analog.

ANALOG SIGNAL PATH DESIGN using op amps and/or FDAs continue to be at the core of many data-acquisition or signal-generator systems. The available vendor solutions span a >50-yr. period of vigorous developments by countless IC designers, applications, and test engineers across numerous companies. How does a new, or even experienced, analog designer absorb this mountain of data and design options to arrive at a credible (or possibly even incredible) solution.

Compressing the common issues and confusions observed over decades of design-in support, these articles review first the most common oversights and confusions that plague new designers, then highlight the key inconsistencies across the hundreds of supplier datasheets, and finally highlight some useful new insights and devices for analog designers who have likely not found their way back into textbooks yet.

- Michael Steffes

The eBook rounds out with two articles focusing on the challenges faced by engineers in the current climate. The chapters in the book include:

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