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“Works With” Conference: How is the Medical IoT Changing Healthcare?

Sept. 14, 2021
The seminar will feature a panel discussion of the impact of IoT in the healthcare industry and approaches that tech companies can take to best meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

Silicon Labs is hosting a panel of IoT and healthcare experts to discuss the rapidly evolving role that the Internet of Things is playing in healthcare delivery at its Works With online seminar, held September 14-15. Titled “IoT is Changing Healthcare – Now Adoption is Critical,” the panel will kick off Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 1:45 PM CDT and be moderated by Stacey Higginbotham, founder of Stacey on IoT. Higginbotham and her panelists will explore the benefits and challenges involved with adopting IoT in the healthcare industry and how tech companies must adapt to the needs of healthcare professionals.

The Works With conference organizers added this session after it became apparent that the pandemic offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way we think about healthcare. During that time, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) took off, with telemedicine, consumer wearables, and the aggregation of data by connected devices revolutionizing how consumers receive care, how doctors provide care and how public health agencies monitor their populations.

They also recognized that adopting IoT into the healthcare industry poses its own unique set of challenges. In particular, there are more rules and regulations and a heightened need for transparency and reliability compared to other industrial IoT applications.

During the panel, IoT and healthcare thought leaders will explore how the pandemic has altered the healthcare industry’s demand for IoT and explore how tech companies are finding new ways to improve healthcare for people and medical providers. The panel of IoT and healthcare experts will include:

If you’re involved with any aspect of medical systems development, you should attend this much-needed discussion. It will look at approaches tech companies can take to try to adapt the needs of the medical industry and how IoT can drive positive change in healthcare. You can catch it live on Wednesday, Sept. 15 when you register here.


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