Internet of Things presents legal issues

April 25, 2015

The Internet of Things presents technical challenges, some of which we address in a cover story in our May print issue. The IoT presents some legal issues as well, as described in the Wall Street Journal by Richard Raysman and Francesca Morris, both partners in the New York office of the law firm Holland & Knight.

Raysman and Morris are writing for chief information officers, providing guidance as the IoT moves into industrial applications, medical devices, aviation systems, farming, mining, and other areas. But even if you are not a CIO, the questions they raise are worth keeping in mind:

  • Who owns the data, is it confidential, and to what uses can it be put?
  • Who is liable if a sensor or communications link malfunctions, resulting in personal injury or property damage?
  • What automated contracts may be embedded in a sensor, and in what venue would disputes be addressed?
  • Who is responsible for maintenance?
  • How might a mobile app affect performance?

You can read the complete article here (subscription required).

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