IBM acquires StrongLoop to extend enterprise reach using IBM Cloud

Sept. 10, 2015

Armonk, NY. IBM today announced the acquisition of StrongLoop Inc., a software provider, to help developers connect enterprise applications to mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and web applications in the cloud.

StrongLoop is a provider of popular application development software—known as enterprise Node.js—that enables software developers to build applications using APIs, which act as technology glue for integrating applications, data, and business processes that connect businesses with customers, partners and employees.

As data becomes increasingly critical in cloud environments, developers are using APIs to create protocols and routines that specify how one application can interact with another application. For example, developers can create new information assets by combining data and services shared by other organizations, ranging from startups to global enterprises, to deliver new innovation and business value.

IBM intends to integrate Node.js capabilities from StrongLoop with its software portfolio, which already includes MobileFirst and WebSphere, to help clients better use enterprise data and conduct transactions whether in the cloud or on-premises. These new capabilities will enable clients and developers to build scalable APIs and to more easily connect existing back-end enterprise processes with front-end mobile, IoT, and web apps in an open, hybrid cloud. Node.js is one of the fastest growing development frameworks for creating and delivering APIs.

“Enterprises are focused on digital transformation to reach new channels, tap new business models, and personalize their engagement with clients,” said Marie Wieck, general manager, Middleware, IBM Systems. “APIs are a critical ingredient. By bringing together StrongLoop’s Node.js capabilities to rapidly create APIs with IBM’s leadership in Java and API Management on our cloud platform, we are unlocking the innovation potential of two vibrant development communities.”

Starting today with this acquisition, Node.js developers now have a richer, operating environment on IBM Bluemix, IBM’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS). JavaScript ranked as the #1 language for discussion and usage followed closely by Java1. Java remains the leading language for web applications and transaction systems. Combining StrongLoop’s tools and services with IBM’s WebSphere and Java capabilities, IBM will help clients bridge Java and Node.js development platforms, which can enable clients to extract greater value from their application investments.

Through integration on IBM Bluemix, these Java and Node.js communities will also have access today to many other IBM and third-party services including access to Mobile Services, data analytics, and Watson.

“With this acquisition, the industry benefits from Node.js’ formal entry into the mainstream enterprise,” said Juan Carlos Soto, chief executive officer, StrongLoop. “As leaders in the Node.js open community, we plan to further advance open, community-driven innovation coupled with global, enterprise-class software and services offerings to grow client value in the API economy.”

One company that has realized value through Node.js is GoDaddy, which uses StrongLoop LoopBack Framework to create APIs for domain name creation through its partner network.

“Node.js has been a strategic technology and key to innovating at GoDaddy,” said Elissa Murphy, Chief Technology Officer at GoDaddy. “With partners like StrongLoop, the Node.js community has enabled us to develop and deliver world-class products. StrongLoop helped accelerate our reseller program, driving growth for our partners.”

IBM’s acquisition of StrongLoop continues its commitment to open source technologies and communities including Apache, Eclipse, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry.

As a founding member and Platinum member of Node.js Foundation, IBM has dedicated experts working within the foundation. IBM will continue to provide support and investment in the open Node developer community.

Developers will also benefit from IBM Cloud and developer experts who provide technical guidance on creating, managing, and monetizing APIs using StrongLoop at IBM Bluemix Garages.

StrongLoop added to IBM IoT Platform

Select cloud capabilities from today’s StrongLoop acquisition are expected to be incorporated into the IBM IoT Foundation, along with Bluemix, security, and analytics to provide enterprises access to a powerful IoT platform that derives insight from sensor-driven data.

IBM intends to provide global support for the StrongLoop platform by 2H16, adding language translation support for Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Financial terms and conditions were not released.

Founded in 2013 and based in San Mateo, CA, StrongLoop is a provider of enterprise Node.js capabilities in the development of Systems of Engagement applications. StrongLoop is a key contributor to the Node community and maintains over 160 modules for the Node community within Node Package Manager.


  1. The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings, June 2015

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