Murata touts crystal units for IoT applications at CES

Jan. 7, 2017

Smyrna, GA. Murata Americas today introduced several miniaturized, advanced crystal units developed specifically for the IoT market. The company used its proprietary technology and volume production capability to design a product line that offers quality and reliability while also being cost-effective. The series features a compact package that allows for higher density mounting and use in lower profile devices. Target applications include IoT, mobile devices, wireless communication protocols, and medical and healthcare products.

The ubiquity of wireless communication-enabled devices has driven the growth of products equipped with advanced functionality. This has been accompanied by the demand to downsize mobile devices and wireless communication modules. Further, there is a need for products to be RoHS-compliant and able to accommodate lead-free solder mounting. These crystal units meet all of the requirements.

The lineup includes the XRCED Series, which the company calls the world’s smallest packaged crystal unit, measuring just 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.33 mm. The XRCGB-F-H achieves ±10-ppm initial frequency tolerance to enable Bluetooth technology and meets the requirements for RF applications in a compact size. Finally, the XRCMD and XRCFD offer a range of operating frequencies, temperatures, and tolerance ranges that design engineers require today to produce tomorrow’s products.

“Murata is unsurpassed when it comes to leveraging our proprietary technologies to reach new levels in the consumer electronics market. Our commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of this industry will only further future advancements,” said Jonathan Davis, timing and new products general manager, Murata Americas.

The company is featuring the devices at CES in Las Vegas.

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