Advances in IoT Security: Enhanced Crypto Standards and High-Power Processing

April 25, 2024
New silicon and components continue to push the edge of IoT, bringing higher measures of security to devices and systems.
William Wong | Electronic Design

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What you’ll learn:

  • Latest in IoT silicon. 
  • Devices for smart-home development.


This roundup showcases the latest in IoT security technologies that emphasize strong encryption and high processing capabilities for a range of applications. Products like NXP’s EdgeLock SE052F and Microchip’s ECC608 TrustManager enhance device security through sophisticated cryptographic standards such as ECC, RSA, and AES.

In addition, powerful MCUs like the Renesas RA2A2 and SECO’s systems-on-modules leverage advanced processors and AI to boost efficiency and functionality in IoT systems. Infineon's OPTIGA Trust M MTR also provides robust security specifically for smart-home environments, ensuring secure data handling and device reliability.

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