eSMART HMI Series from Exor Offers Cloud-Based Solutions

Nov. 25, 2020
The devices are well-suited for HMI applications including factory and building automation.

The eSMART Series HMI products from Exor combine state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design. They have been designed to offer an outstanding price/performance ratio for challenging applications. They are the ideal choice for HMI applications including factory and building automation.

Exor has taken the evolution of the eSMART range and gone further. The series now includes JM4web, Browser widget, SQL4automation and our cloud-based solutions. These powerful applications open the potential use of the eSMART series. As such we have increased the number of certifications to be used in hazardous conditions.  

The eSMART series of products combine the power of JMobile – the software inside X Platform with an outstandingly robust design. Features include: 

-Full vector graphic support. Native support of SVG graphic objects, transparency and alpha blending

-Screen object dynamics: control visibility and transparency, move, resize, rotate any object on screen

-Multilanguage applications with TrueType fonts

-Data display in numerical, text, bar graph, analog gauges and graphic image formats

-Rich set of state-of-the-art HMI features: data acquisition and logging, trend presentation, alarm handling, scheduler and timed actions (daily and weekly schedulers, exception dates), recipes, security and user management, e-mail and RSS feeds

-Wide selection of communication drivers available with multiple-driver communication capability

-Remote monitoring and control with Client-Server functionality

-Off-line and on-line simulation with JMobile Studio

-Powerful scripting language for automating HMI applications. Efficient script debugger improves productivity in application development


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