Attacking Cellular Costs for IoT Solutions with Flat Rate Pricing

Feb. 18, 2022
1NCE is simplifying IoT development and deployment with a low-cost approach to cellular support.

This video appeared on Microwaves & RF and has been published here with permission.

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1NCE is looking to reduce the cost of using cellular connectivity for IoT solutions. I spoke with Ivo Rook, COO and President of 1NCE in North America.

IoT protocol stacks are often available for free from cloud providers since they want developers to utilize their cloud platform, where they charge a service fee for each device. Connectivity methods and costs are left up to the developers. Wireless solutions like Wi-Fi are usually free because the infrastructure is already in place, but solutions that use cellular are typically burdened with the connectivity cost, which can be significant. This is where 1NCE comes into play (Fig. 1)

1NCE offers cellular IoT connectivity for a flat fee of $10 for 10 years (Fig. 2). This is ideal for applications where low bandwidth is needed, which is often the case with sensor-based IoT solutions. 



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