Elektrobit OTA Pre-Integrated Solution Updates Vehicles

March 6, 2023
This solution can provide cloud software updates for multiple ECUs or different in-vehicle networks.

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A partnership between Elektrobit and Airbiquity resulted in a joint, pre-integrated over-the-air (OTA) solution that helps usher in the next generation of safe and secure OTA services for the mobility industry. The solution combines Elektrobit´s in-vehicle OTA update software products with Airbiquity’s multi-ECU (electronic control unit) OTA software management platform, making it easier for OEMs to source and build an end-to-end OTA system for their vehicle fleets.

Elektrobit support includes these automotive platforms:

  • EB cadian Sync: Secure OTA software updates
  • EB corbos ADG: Adaptive AUTOSAR platform
  • EB corbos Linux: Automotive Linux

These POSIX-based systems provide the framework to build ECUs for automotive and transportation solutions. They support connectivity to different back ends. 

Airbiquity provides the client and cloud management system:

  • OTAmatic: Securely orchestrates and automates OTA updates from the cloud
  • OTAmatic Client: Receives and transfers software updates from the OTAmatic back end to EB cadian Sync

The client connects to the cloud and to the ECUs. The OTAmatic management platform connects to the back-end libraries. 



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