Application-Centric IIoT Gateway Speeds Solution Deployment

April 26, 2024
In the modern industrial landscape, data connectivity is the lifeline for the sustainable development of the Internet of Things.
William Wong | Electronic Design

Data connectivity is imperative for the sustainable development of the Internet of Things. On that front, ADLINK's EMU-200 series IIoT Gateway provides an application-centric IIoT gateway that helps accelerate deployment of the user environment with built-in communication protocols and adaptable hardware specifications for distributed and unmanned sites.

The gateway offers increased efficiency and sustainability for a variety of areas, such as renewable energy, electric-vehicle (EV) charging, building management, and factory equipment monitoring.

Features include a Python-enabled programmable open platform for customized applications at the edge. Among the communication protocols it supports are Modus TCP/RTU, MQTT, OPC UA, and Restful, with Azure and AWS cloud connection to enable flexible configuration for different user scenarios with a wizard.

The EMU-200 Series Arm-based IIoT Gateway provides communication between different Ethernet or serial-based protocols. This allows for wider integration of devices into a network with the ability to send data to the cloud. 

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