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Electronic Design Update: October 1, 2008

Oct. 1, 2008
VIDEO: Riding Shotgun In The Tesla Roadster
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | October 1, 2008 | FREEmagazine subscription digital or print!ADVERTISEMENT You’re Invited to IEEE GLOBECOM – The Communications Conference & Expo of 2008!
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mark david's roadmap |VIDEO: Riding Shotgun In Tesla’s Roadster By Mark David, Group Editorial Director
Getting to take a test ride in a Tesla Roadster is a thrill enough, but getting Bob Pease out for a spin as well—talk about an experience! Our Analog and Power Editor Don Tuite just so happens to be married to Vicky Tuite, senior test engineer at Tesla Motors. Talk about lucky. She recently had the keys to a brilliant orange Tesla with the enviable mission of running down the batteries for some low-charge tests the next day. And guess who got to ride shotgun. Read the full article... editor's view |ESL Platform Looks To Solidify Baseband PHY Design Flow By David Maliniak, EDA Editor
When it comes to the design of the physical layers of communications systems, and in particular the related algorithms, there is a paucity of design tools that are squarely focused on the tasks at hand. While there are good general-purpose math-oriented tools with which to get started on baseband algorithms, there is only a disjointed flow for designers undertaking PHY-layer development. Read the full article... engineer's resource | Ballots Are Open: 2008 Electronic Design Hall of Fame Edison. Hewlett and Packard. Nyquist. Dobkin. Torvalds. They’re just some of the innovators who are members of Electronic Design’s Engineering Hall of Fame. Who belongs in the Class of 2008? Polls close Oct. 3, so don't delay. Your vote counts!

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IFD of the week |Simple PWM Modulator Allows DC Control Signal To Drive LED By Ahmad Ayar, Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
LED-driver circuits can be dimmed by applying a variable duty cycle (pulse-width modulation, or PWM) to the LED. PWM exploits LED behavior: At higher current levels, the LED’s light output is higher for a given level of power dissipation (temperature). Thus, applying PWM current to the LED yields an average power comparable to that of dc control, but with higher operating current and greater light output. Read the full article...
ADVERTISEMENT Looking for the latest design techniques and technology in your market? Check out Electronic Design's Design Hotspots. Here you'll find exclusive content from our editors in Embedded, Power, and Analog technologies as well as Green Design and ROHS. We've also compiled Ideas for Design schematics here for your circuit design sweet-tooth. These spots are chock-a-block with information, so don’t delay! video of the week | Texas Instruments: New Low-Power Processors
Corey Chao, low-power processors marketing manager at Texas Instruments, discusses the new C6745 and C6747 DSPs and the OMAP-L137 applications processor. Watch it now...
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Engineering TV | Imagination Station - Mars Rover The Mars Rover Project is one of the efforts of the Purdue Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS). The EPICS team has designed and built this exhibit with its community partner, Imagination Station-Black in Lafayette, Indiana. Applying new and innovative technologies, the ISB team designs interactive and fun exhibits for a local children’s museum. The Mars Rover Project allows students to navigate a solar-powered rover wirelessly across a mock Martian landscape to make geological discoveries. Its purpose is to give visitors a better understanding of the terrain covering the planet, as well as the level of difficulty in sending missions to Mars.

news from the editors |
RFMD PAs Going Into Samsung 3G Phones
Samsung has chosen two power amplifiers (PAs) from RF Micro Devices Inc. for use in more than 10 upcoming 3G handsets. The Wideband CDMA/High-Speed Packet Access power amplifier and the EDGE power amplifier deliver superior performance and current consumption compared to competitive offerings, according to RFMD. Read the full article...
Low-Cost Oscilloscope Offers High-Priced Features
The WaveAce oscilloscopes from LeCroy makes the competition in the low-cost scope market look so “yesteryear.” These devices bring high-end scope features like color and long sample memory storage to the value scope market. If you’re looking for a digital scope in the 100- to 300-MHz bandwidth range, they give you some options that weren’t there before. Read the full article...
Solving Food Shortages With Technology
Technology can play a role in combating the global food crisis, according to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Shapiro recently moderated a United Nations Private Sector roundtable discussion on the topic. Read the full article...
6-Gbits/s Serial SCSI Ready For Enterprise Storage Market
After five years in development, the next generation of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is ready to enter the market with a speed of 6 Gbits/s. The new standard, designated SAS-2 by the T10 Technical Committee, will be marketed as 6-Gb/s SAS, according to the SCSI Trade Association (STA). Read the full article...
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quick poll | Considering the challenges facing the nation, which presidential candidate has a better technological platform?
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focus product |
Tiny Camera Sensor Exploits 1.4-µm Technology
Unveiled as the industry’s first 1/3-in., 8-Mpixel CMOS image sensor, the OV8810 emerges as Omnivision Technologies' first CameraChip sensor to employ its 1.4-µm OmniBSI backside illumination technology. The BSI architecture enables both a smaller sensor size and a lower stack height, meaning the device can achieve a higher chief ray angle (CRA). Read the full article... product picks online | Dual Buck Converter Slices Board Space By 25% USB DAQ Board Minds The Budget 40-W, 60-W PCB Supplies Meet Class B EMI Online Tool Eases Sensor Signal Path Development Powerful PCB Motor Weighs Very Little upcoming industry events | 13th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference
Santa Clara, Calif.
Oct. 13
Why Vent? Improve Reliabilty For Rugged Electronics
Oct. 22
Application Workshops For High-Performance Electronic Design
North Amerca, Asia, Europe
Oct. 9 - Nov. 12
ED bookstore | iPhone Open Application Development By Jonathan Zdziarski
Apple’s iPhone is extremely popular and its recent improvements—with respect to developers—have been greatly appreciated. Still, there are restrictions that some would rather do without, hence Zdziarski’s offering. It’s based around support found on the iPhone Dev Team ( site that provides applications and APIs that can be used without obtaining the Apple software development kit (SDK). This book covers these APIs and presents sample applications built on this platform. Read the full article...

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