Closed-Loop Controller Chip Reduces Development Time

Jan. 1, 2000

By eliminating code generation with a simple parameter selection process through a GUI interface, the FlexController mixed-signal, closed-loop controller IC is said to reduce development time to just minutes. The chip may be implemented stand-alone, as a coprocessor, or PC-based. And it finds application in smart power supplies and motor drives, UPS and ac inverters, battery chargers and electronic loads, and industrial automation, as well as test and measurement. The IC offers PID, feedforward, and nonlinear control with fuzzy logic and arbitrary waveform functions. It also features 12-bit analog control, 90 µs to 0.4s PID updates, 11-bit bipolar PWM with a 1 kHz to 150 kHz range, and 16-bit external DAC control. An evaluation kit includes the FlexController chip, power stage, PC software, and accessories.


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