Component Specifier: Motors/Motion Controls

Aug. 23, 2004
Motors / Motion Controllers ...
Motors / Motion ControllersTYPE/ModelFeaturesP & ASourceMOTORSPANEL-MOUNTING
Drives stepper motors in networked and standalone motion-control applications; can be mounted flat to minimize height or sideways to minimize footprint; servo mode runs stepper motors 40% faster than their maximum stepping speed for servo performance at 50% of servo motor cost while eliminating stall risk; permits multi-axis motion synchronization, executes sophisticated motion profiles, and achieves micro stepping performance at 51,200 steps/revolution$290; delivery in four to six weeksCopley Controls Corp.
(781) 828-8090
LEU series
Brushless linear motor; produces up to 26 lb (117 N) of peak force; 15- and 30-mm coil heights with 18-mm width; 35-, 65-, and 95-mm coil sizes supported by 60-, 90-, 150-, and 300-mm magnet channels; ironless-core design provides smooth motion since there are no iron winding laminations to produce cogging; suits high-precision and compact stage applications$500 to $750; stock to eight weeksAnorad/Rockwell Automation
(631) 344-6600
Microcomputer-based dual-channel dc motor controller; drives up to 120 A on each channel at up to 40 V; accepts commands from standard remote-control radio for simple robot applications or serial-port interface; both channels can be operated independently or combined to set a vehicle's direction and rotation by coordinating the motion on each side of the vehicle; motors may be operated in open- or closed-loop speed mode; extruded aluminum case serves as a heatsink for its output power stage$620 in single quantities; now availableRoboteq
(602) 617-3931
Integrates the microcontroller and related peripheral circuits; provides analog functions like amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters, filters, and comparators as well as digital functions like timers, counters, pulse-width modulators, serial peripheral interfaces, and UARTs; instrumentation-quality analog performance; includes an 8-bit microcontroller, up to 32 kbytes of flash, 2 kbytes of SRAM, an 8-by-8 multiplier with 32-bit accumulator, and power and sleep monitoring circuitsMCU programming boards range from $48.95 to $76.80; microcontroller basic development kit costs $398; about one weekCypress MicroSystems
(800) 669-0557
Dynapar Acuro 36
36 mm in diameter; available in motor-drive or standard industrial versions; uses a gearbox instead of a battery for multiturn resolution; 31-mm installation depth; nonmagnetic gear set runs at up to 12,000 rpm and is immune to interference; based on opto-ASIC electronics for multiple-function integration; single-turn version draws 45 mA, multiturn version draws 85 mA; can communicate with any type of control system using common formatsStart at $500 in small quantities; two weeks ARODanaher Industrial Controls
(800) 873-8731
Available in one-, two-, three-, and four-axis versions; features include trajectory generation, servo loop closure, quadrature signal input, motor output signal generation, performance trace, on-the-fly changes, and commutation; supports dc brushed, brushless dc, and step motors; can communicate through the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus, via a serial port, or using CANbus (Controller Area Network); can be used to create cost-effective, high-performance motion systems using standard C or C++ programmingSingle-axis model costs $574 in OEM quantities; four to six weeksPerformance Motion Devices
(781) 674-9860


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