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Challenges and Solutions for Chip Verification

Sept. 12, 2023
Download our PDF eBook that takes a look at EDA chip verification technology.

This eBook is part of the TechXchangeAddressing Chip Verification Challenges and it is in the EDA and PCB Technology section of the Electronic Design Library

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The cost of developing new chips is significant. Verification software and methodologies are important because they help find issues before silicon is generated. Simulation and verification tools are used to check everything from timing closures to thermals. This eBook includes articles from Electronic Design that target these aspects of chip verification, especially those that deal with power and thermal considerations.

Find out about:

  • New power modeling approaches
  • AI and chip verification
  • Pre-silicon power verification
  • Myths about formal verification

Click here to download the Challenges and Solutions for Chip Verification eBook.

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