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Samsung Unveils 256-GB CXL Memory Module at Flash Memory Summit

Aug. 16, 2023
The new memory module, one of the components within a 2-TB Pooled CXL Memory System, takes on the challenges wrought by AI and ML.

Check out our Flash Memory Summit 2023 coverage. This article is also part of the TechXchange: CXL Memory and More.

What you’ll learn:

  • What CXL means for memory.
  • Insight into Samsungs CXL memory modules.

The latest CXL 2.0 Memory Module from Samsung made its debut at the recent Flash Memory Summit. The module is part of a 2-TB Pooled CXL Memory System designed alongside H3 that addresses performance challenges faced by highly distributed artificial-intelligence/machine-learning (AI/ML) applications. These include spilling memory to slow storage when main memory is full, excessive memory copying, I/O to storage, serialization/deserialization, and out-of-memory errors.

This is where CXL (Compute Express Link) comes in, as it mitigates those issues and offers cache-coherent interconnects for processors, memory expansion, and accelerators. Initially designed by Intel, CXL is designed to be an open standard interface for high-speed communications, as accelerators are increasingly used to complement CPUs in support of applications such as AI and ML.

In turn, Samsung built its initial 128-GB CXL 2.0 Memory Module, which the company stated will accelerate the commercialization of next-gen memory solutions. The CXL DRAM supports PCIe 5.0 and offers a bandwidth of 35 GB/s.

The new 256-GB module, based on CXL 2.0, supports memory pooling. Pooling is a memory-management technique that binds multiple CXL memory blocks on a server platform to form a pool and enables hosts to allocate memory from the pool dynamically when needed.

Check out more of our Flash Memory Summit 2023 coverage. Also, read more articles in the TechXchange: CXL Memory and More.

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