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  • Flash Memory Summit 2023
  • Flash Memory Summit 2023

    Check out the latest technology at this year's FMS
    Frore Systems
    Frore Promo

    Startup Taps MEMS Cooling to Turn Down the Heat in Electronic Devices

    Oct. 19, 2023
    Frore Systems takes advantage of MEMS to blur the lines between active and passive cooling technology.
    XConn Technologies and 32366920 © Jeka84 | Dreamstime.com
    X Conn Promo

    CXL Switch SoC Unlocks More Memory for AI

    Aug. 21, 2023
    Startup XConn Technologies wants its CXL 2.0 switch, code-named Apollo, to play a major part in the data centers of the future.
    6814962 © Ivra00 | Dreamstime.com and Samsung
    Samsung Dreamstime L 6814962

    Samsung Unveils 256-GB CXL Memory Module at Flash Memory Summit

    Aug. 16, 2023
    The new memory module, one of the components within a 2-TB Pooled CXL Memory System, takes on the challenges wrought by AI and ML.
    SK Hynix
    3 2 1 Memory Promo

    3D NAND Flash Memory Continues Its Climb

    Aug. 10, 2023
    SK Hynix aims to start mass production of its first 300-layer 3D NAND memory by early 2025.
    214182392 © Pavlinec | Dreamstime.com
    Cxl Tx C Dreamstime L 214182392

    TechXchange: CXL for Memory and More

    Aug. 9, 2023
    CXL is based on PCIe that allows compute engines access to lots of resources like solid state storage

    More content from Flash Memory Summit 2023

    Data Cente Promor

    Micron’s Next-Gen HBM Pushes Memory Bandwidth Boundaries

    Aug. 8, 2023
    The company is trying to tap into the AI boom with its next-generation 24-GB HBM3 memory chips.
    New Promo

    New NVM Technology Intended to Replace Flash Memory

    Aug. 4, 2023
    Resistive RAM, a non-volatile memory, brings higher performance and lower costs to the table.

    Flash Memory Summit 2022

    Aug. 10, 2022
    Check out the latest storage technologies and products.