CoolFlux Collaboration

June 1, 2004
More than 25,000 Synopsys DesignWare Library users gain access to Philips’ ultra-low power DSP core through the Star IP programme.

Synopsys and Royal Philips Electronics collaboration will provide designers with access to Philips' ultra-low power CoolFlux DSP core via Synopsys' DesignWare Star IP programme.

The agreement provides more than 25,000 DesignWare Library users with access to the CoolFlux DSP core for use in low-power consumer audio applications, ranging from hearing instruments, MP3 players, and headsets.

The CoolFlux DSP is the very first DSP core in the DesignWare Star IP programme, and it joins the 16 and 32bit microcontrollers from IBM, Infineon, MIPS and NEC.

The Philips CoolFlux DSP technology is based on years of research and product experience in the field of digital audio and ultra-low power technologies at Philips Digital Systems Labs at Leuven in Belgium.

'Philips selected Synopsys as the exclusive distribution and support channel for the CoolFlux DSP core for Synopsys customers, because of its leadership in the IP market, their dependability and the quality of Synopsys' IP products and support," explained Ad Huijser, chief technology officer at Philips Electronics. 'Working with Synopsys helps to ensure that Philips core IP is dependable and reusable and that it will reach a large number of DSP designers,' added Huijsers.

In addition to distributing and supporting the CoolFlux DSP, Synopsys has worked with Philips to ensure that the core is fully reusable and compliant with the 'Reuse Methodology Manual' (RMM).

The CoolFlux DSP will be distributed as a DesignWare coreKit, packaged with coreBuilder and delivered with coreConsultant, which automates the verification and synthesis processes for the core.

'Adding Philips' CoolFlux DSP core to our Star IP offering further strengthens Synopsys' comprehensive DesignWare portfolio of quality IP,' said John Chilton, senior vice president and general manager of Synopsys' Solutions Group. 'The core will have broad appeal for designers who require ultra-low power DSP cores for their products. We continue to add high-quality, reliable IP to our DesignWare Library to give designers dependable, easy-to-use solutions for their complex designs.'

'As the lead adopter of the CoolFlux DSP technology for implementation in future generations of Dspfactory products, we are very excited to see that it is now widely available for audio applications and become a standard processor,' said Dr Peter Balsiger, president of Dspfactory SA, a leading provider of ultra-miniaturised, ultra-low power, chips for audio applications.

'Synopsys' IP distribution and support capabilities, combined with Philips technology, will give the low-power audio industry a great DSP solution. This collaboration between Synopsys and Philips will enhance our already excellent relationship with both companies,' he added.

The CoolFlux DSP is also easily programmable with the software development kit provided by Philips and developed by DSP Valley partner Target Compiler Technologies, including an optimising C compiler, assembler, instruction-set simulator and graphical debugger, using its compilation technology to ensure efficient C level programmability of the CoolFlux DSP.

The DesignWare CoolFlux DSP Design Views coreKit, including simulation and timing models, and documentation, are currently available at no additional charge to DesignWare Library licensees.

The Implementation Views coreKit, including the synthesizable RTL, is available for purchase from Philips, via its technology licensing division Philips Intellectual Property and Standards (Philips IP&S) and will be delivered and supported by Synopsys.

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