Enhanced SBC Offers 512-MB SDRAM

Nov. 1, 1999

In addition to offering up to 512 Mbytes of SDRAM, the VMIVME-7695 Pentium II processor-based VMEbus single-board computer brings 333-MHz Pentium II processing power to a single VMEbus slot. It also has a socket for M-Systems's DiskOnChip 2000 flash disk, which can be used as boot flash memory or can be installed by the BIOS as an additional standard drive. No additional software is required. The board also supports diskless operation with booting from Ethernet or flash. Other key features include a 16-Mbyte IDE flash drive on secondary IDE; three programmable 16-bit timers; 32 kbytes of battery-backed SRAM; a software-selectable watchdog timer with reset; remote boot support over Ethernet; and more. Applications include simulation and training, test and measurement, factory automation, telecommunications and data acquisition and control.


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