Device Controls Speed Of Motor Loads

Nov. 1, 1998

An inexpensive way of controlling the speed of PSC, shaded pole, and universal motors is available with the MSC Series of devices. Housed in an extruded aluminum, high-heat-transfer package that permits the devices to be used in ambient temperatures of up to 85°C, MSC motor speed controls depend on an on-board potentiometer/on-off switch to provide a simple method of speed adjustment. They also feature an adjustable low end limit to prevent stalling on the low speed setting.When used with inductive loads, the MSC series spans an adjustment range of 78 to 118 vac ±2V for 120 vac devices and 175 to 223 vac ±4V for 230 vac units. The pot shaft is threaded for mounting on panels. And electrical connections are made via 0.25" male quick-connect terminals.

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