Evaluation Kit For Popular DAQ Board Is Available Free

Nov. 1, 2000

Available for a free, 30-day evaluation to qualified OEMs, this evaluation kit provides all of the hardware, software and accessories needed to evaluate the company's DaqBoard/2000 multi-function PCI data-acquisition board. Each kit is supported by a dedicated OEM team composed of engineers and technicians to provide one-on-one project support. DaqBoard/2000 features include 16-bit, 200-kHz sampling, 16-bit, 100-kHz waveform-capable analog outputs, six modes of pre- and post-triggering, 40 digital I/O channels, four 10-MHz frequency/pulse counters, and two 1-MHz frequency/pulse generators. Each kit contains the DaqBoard/2000, software on CD-ROM, screw-termination board, ribbon cable, and a user manual.

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