C Engine Has Removable Compact Flash

Jan. 1, 2001

The C Engine LG-5 single-board computer (SBC) provides the analog and digital features needed for integration into most OEM and/or small special purpose embedded applications including removable flash memory up to 120 MB. The board measures 2.6" x 4" and operates on 50 mA typical and draws 2 mA in standby and sleep modes. Power requirements are two AA batteries or 6 to 20 vdc. On-board memory is 256 KB or 2 MB of flash and 128 KB of SRAM. The processor is a Hitachi H83006. The board includes a real-time clock and counter/timers running at 100 kHz at 16 bits with TTL or contact. Price is $293 and a developers kit is $395.

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