April 16, 2001
2U Rackmount Server Features Dual Pentium III Processors The RS-200-RF rackmount server offers a compact form factor and powerful dual FC-PGA Pentium III processors. According to the company, this server solution...
2U Rackmount Server Features Dual Pentium III Processors The RS-200-RF rackmount server offers a compact form factor and powerful dual FC-PGA Pentium III processors. According to the company, this server solution is suited for any application that requires power in a small footprint. It is ideal for applications requiring intensive processing capabilities, including ISP/ICP/ASP, co-location, server farms, network attached storage, firewall, and telephony.

This model features the Serverworks Serverset 30LE chip set supporting a 133-MHz front-side bus. Users can populate each of the four DIMM sockets with 1 Gbyte of registered PC 133 SDRAM with ECC. This server integrates a high-performance ATI Rage XL VGA controller with 8 Mbytes of SGRAM video memory on board. The LSI SymBios SYM53C1010 Ultra 160 dual-channel SCSI controller provides a high-performance interface with data transfer rates to 160-Mbyte/s. The server supports 10BaseT and 100BaseTX standards via the on-board dual Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet controllers and optional Intel 82559 LAN daughter board.

A full set of standard I/O ports are offered, including an RS-232 serial port, a parallel port, two USB ports, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. Expansion options include one 64-bit/66-MHz or three 64-bit/33-MHz PCI expansion slots on a riser card.

The server is priced at $2000. OEM discounts are available.

Advantech Technologies Inc., 10225 Barnes Canyon Rd., #A209, San Diego, CA 92121; (800) 557-6813; fax (858) 623-0839;

Tool Eases Installation And Management Of Linux Clusters Alinka Raisin is a user-friendly software tool for the installation and management of Linux clusters used in high-performance computing. According to the company, this software suits a variety of environments, including research and development centers, laboratories, digital imaging studios, and industrial design departments.

The software is equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI) via a Web browser. Authorized users can manipulate cluster configurations by adding, moving, or deleting certain nodes. The software comprises four modules, including the Management, Multilab, Office, and Monitoring modules. The Management module processes the initial set of the cluster. The Multilab module is used to divide the cluster into several logical subclusters that can generate different applications without interfering with each other. The Office module lets users perform parallel processing tasks and to allocate processors for specific programs. The Monitoring module allows the system administrator to view the node loads over time as well as to control the real-time processing load.

A version of the software limited to 16 nodes is available from $1700 with 60 days of free technical support. The standard version of Alinka Raisin starts at $4500. Prices vary according to the number of nodes.

Alinka, 12 avenue des Tropiques, BP 73, 91943 Les Ulis Cedex, France; (011.33) 1 69 29 39 29;

CompactPCI Systems Come In An 8U 19-In. Rackmount Chassis Members of the cPCIS-3120/3140 series of CompactPCI systems come in an 8U compartmentalized 19-in. rackmount chassis. This chassis provides rear entry access to backplane I/Os. Separated into three compartments, these systems deploy a single-board computer (SBC), seven peripheral CompactPCI boards, two front-access removable fans, and hard-disk, CD-ROM, and floppy drives.

According to the company, this system fits applications in networking, telecommunication, computer telephony integration, image processing, and industrial automation computer platforms. The system's front- and rear-accessed design incorporates securable doors to provide room for a complete CTI subsystem. Each system can be designed using the company's cPCI-6200 or cPCI-6700 standard 6U CompactPCIs with Pentium II or Celeron processors. Backplane options include a 32-bit front I/O version or 64-bit CTI with rear I/O version. In the remaining areas of the chassis, the subsystem can house up to three 5.25-in. and one 3.5-in. drive bays and front access to power supplies and high-powered cooling fans.

The systems start at $3500. Discounts are available for OEM quantities.

Adlink Technology Inc., 17951 Sky Park Cir., Bldg. 35, Ste. H, Irvine, CA 92614; (949) 250-3339;

FireWire And USB Scanner Offers PDF And OCR Capabilities With an integrated PDF engine, the ScanMaker 5700 is a scanning solution for the SOHO and corporate environments. It enables users to scan documents larger than 30 Mbytes and save them as full-color PDFs with a file size of less than 1 Mbyte.

The ScanMaker 5700 has both a high-speed FireWire port and a USB port for Windows and Mac systems. The dual-purpose lid functions as a 4- by 5-in. transparency adapter. The company's FilmView, integrated into the lid, provides an illuminated area for viewing 35-mm transparencies.The company's optical character recognition (OCR) technology retains complex page formats, distinguishes between text and image colors, and reads custom font styles with fonts as small as 8 points.

This scanner features an optical resolution of 2400 by 1200 dpi. A five-button panel allows users to scan, e-mail, OCR, or scan-to-Web easily. Bundled software includes Adobe Photoshop LE, Acrobat Reader, and TrellixWeb Microtek Edition. The ScanMaker 5700 sells for $499.99.

Microtek Lab Inc., 3712 Doolittle Dr., Redondo Beach, CA 90278; (310) 297-5000; fax (310) 297-5050;

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