Single-Slot VME CPU Board Sports 700-MHz Pentium III

Oct. 1, 2000

Targeting the telecommunications, defense, industrial, medical and aerospace markets, the VP PSE/P33 VME CPU board supports the new low-power, flip-chip Pentium III 700 MHz processor. Using a passive heat sink in preference to a CPU fan, the board is able to occupy a single slot in the system.
Additional features include a high-performance Ultra-SCSI/EIDE interface, 10 or 100 Mb/s Ethernet using an RJ-45 connector, high-resolution graphics including support for flat-panel displays, up to 256 MB of DRAM, and support for DiskOnChip. On-board fast hardware byte-swapping is also supported and the board offers PC-compatible features such as keyboard, mouse, USB, floppy disk, and printer ports. Unit pricing starts at $2,895.


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