Hard-Metric Male Connector Fits CompactPCI Applications

Nov. 1, 1998

A one-piece, 2-mm hard metric connector is intended for CompactPCI, hot-swap, telephony and other applications in which reducing insertion cost is a requirement. The Type A-47 connector provides 44 columns of 308 signal contacts and optional 88-pin ground shield contacts. Three contact columns are used by the coding device cavity. The unit is engineered for backplane applications and eliminates the need to insert two separate connectors in the P1/P2 position of a backplane. The resulting faster insertion time is said to reduce costs. In CompactPCI applications, the connector is used in the P1/P2 and P4/P5 positions.A-47 connectors are designed for singular use or with the other connectors adjacent to them. The insulator features a cavity that accommodates coding keys and includes polarized guides for alignment of the mating male connectors. The connectors feature the company's T-com flex press-fit pins to ensure fast, reliable assembly and maximum surface contact with the pc board's plated through-holes. They're designed to comply with IEC 1076-4-101 specs for hard-metric connectors.


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