VxWorks Sets Up On 386-Based SBC

April 1, 2001

The Tornado 2.0 VxWorks BSP is now available for the company's SBC3386EX single-board computer (SBC). Based on Intel’s 386X processor, which is optimized for embedded applications, the computer includes 386 real and protected modes and supports VxWorks application program development through the Ethernet connection. The 386EX processor is based on a 32-bit static core processor with commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Measuring 5" x 8.5", the SBC operates at 25 MHz, providing full 32-bit operation with low power consumption. The core configuration includes 1MB of RAM and 512 KB of flash memory, with setup and download firmware pre-loaded into the write-protected boot-block of the flash memory. Also included in the core configuration are serial and parallel ports, 24 TTL I/O lines, a keypad scanner, an alphanumeric LCD interface, a real time clock, three timers, interrupt and DMA controllers and a watchdog timer. Pricing for the SBC2286EX is $395 in single quantity; the BSP costs $85.


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