Routing Tool Upgraded And Also Ported To Allegro

Oct. 1, 2000

AutoActive, the popular suite of routing tools from Mentor Graphics, has been considerably enhanced and, in addition, has been made available to users of Cadence Design Systems' Allegro PCB design software.
New additions to AutoActive include Rules by Area, a tool that allows users to define a set of design rules by class, layer and area within a polygon, enabling designers to meet packaging requirements for boards. Other enhancements include: Color by Hazard, which assigns a color to each type of design error; Multiplow of Traces for routing multiple nets; and Adjacent Layer Differential Pair Routing for enhancing the speed and automation of designing with AutoActive.
The tool suite in the form of AutoActive RE (Route Environment) has also been seamlessly integrated with Cadence's Allegro. It lets Allegro users move components and complete trace routing automatically, while adhering to design rules.

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