Compact SBC Targets Multimedia Apps

Sept. 1, 2001

Designed for high-end multimedia and networking application, the PCM-6892E single-board computer (SBC) supports Celeron and Pentium III processors, LCDs, and includes an AGP. The board's front side bus (FSB) runs from 66 MHz to 100 MHz to 133 MHz, allowing users to choose the CPU that matches their price and performance requirements. The board also includes dual PCI-bus 10/100 Mb, Intel 82559ER Ethernet controllers that are said to increase network capability by tenfold. Other features include power management, a watchdog timer, 2X AGP port, Apollo Pro 133A chipset, an enhanced IDE controller supporting UDMA 66, and a Lynx 3DM SM 721 controller. I/O features include four high-speed serial ports, one parallel port, two floppy-disk drives, a PC/104 connector, and keyboard and mouse interface. Price in low quantities is $490 each. For further information, call Fred Fischer at AAEON, Hazlet, NJ. (732) 203-9300.

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