G4 PowerPC COTS SBC Has Dual PMC Interface

Sept. 1, 1999

A feature-packed PowerPC single-board computer with a dual PMC interface, this board has a PowerPC G4 CPU operating at speeds of 400 MHz or higher. The SVME/DMV-179 board includes Motorola's AltiVec technology that extends the PowerPC architecture by adding a vector processing unit that processes data at speeds of more than 3.2 GFLOPS. With Galileo Technology's GT-64130 bridge chip, the board provides up to 48 MB of 64-bit memory-mapped flash memory and up to 256 MB synchronous DRAM with error-checking and correcting without using a mezzanine. It also has a 64-bit PCI local bus with a 264 MB/s peak transfer rate to support high bandwidth I/O devices such as Fibre Channel or graphics PMCs. Board also offers dual 64-bit, 33 MHz PMC sites for high-performance I/O, 2 MB of L2 cache, 12 bits of discrete I/O each with interrupt capability, four general-purpose DMA controllers on the PCI bus, and SCSI, Ethernet and serial I/O ports. The Ethernet and serial I/O can be accessed from the front panel. Board requires 17W and features firm's Column Grid Array packaging for long service life.

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