Single-Board Computers Release The Power Of Pentium IIs

Nov. 1, 1998

In addition to using the high-performance 350- and 400-MHz Pentium II processors with 100-MHz system bus and SDRAM, TR-P2BX single-board computer also features Intel's 440BX AGP chipset and on-board 10/100BaseT Ethernet. The board also has an AGP SVGA video interface with 2MB of RAMBUS for full-screen, full-motion video and an Ultra Wide SCSI interface supporting 40MB/s SCSI data transfer rates. Other features include dual PCI Ultra DMA/33 EIDE, floppy interface, two serial ports, parallel ports, PS/2 mouse and two USB 1.0 ports. A system hardware monitor is included to monitor system voltages, temperature and fan speed. The board is fully compliant with PCI Local Bus 2.1 and PICMG 2.0 specifications.


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