USB-Compliant Connectors Include Stress-Resistant Receptacles

Sept. 1, 1998

Used to link personal computers with peripheral equipment, such as printers, keyboards and other equipment operating at speeds of 10 Mbytes/s or less, this new series of Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors include highly stress-resistant receptacles, as well as a variety of plugs and cables. The receptacles are constructed with a formed shield and a special molded portion designed to prevent twisting forces from affecting the connections. They also have flat bottom surfaces that prevent them from rocking once they have been soldered into place, thereby reportedly greatly adding to their stability.The USB-compliant receptacles come in Series A versions for PCs and USB hubs and Series B types for use in peripherals. The connectors are rated at 1A and 30 vdc/vac, with contact resistance being 30 milliohms (max.) for one-port receptacles and 40 milliohms (max.) for two-port units. In addition, one-port receptacles come in SMT and through-hole versions and in flanged or unflanged configurations. Mechanical life for the receptacles is 1500 cable insertions and removals.


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