Tiny, Versatile Slide Switches Permit High-Density PCB Mounting

July 1, 1999

Design possibilities and budgets alike are said to be maximized with the SS Series of micro-subminiature slide-actuated switches. The devices are designed to save space, energy and costs in a wide variety of electronic applications such as handheld games, electronic appliances, calculators, and medical equipment. Both side- and top-actuated models are available, allowing the switch to be mounted in virtually any area of the pc board. Models with LED-illuminated actuators may also be specified. High-density pc board mounting is facilitated by the device’s micro-subminiature size. Standard 0.100” x 0.100” or 2 mm x 2 mm terminal pc board spacing is available.All models in the product family are logic level-rated at 0.1A at 30 vdc. Versions SPDT ON-NONE-ON, SP3T ON-ON-ON and DPDT ON-NONE-ON are offered. In addition, the firm’s sliding twin crossbar (STC) mechanism provides logic-level reliability.


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