VME Card Driven By 500-MHz Flip-Chip Pentium III Processor

Feb. 1, 2000

The VP PSE/P3x is claimed to be the industry's first single-slot VME CPU board to incorporate the 500-MHz flip-chip Pentium III processor that is based on Intel's 0.18-micron Coppermine technology and 100-MHz system bus. The integrated L2 cache of the Pentium III operates at the full speed of the system bus. For both reliability and maintainability, the board is designed with a passive heatsink for the CPU, as opposed to using a fan. Additional features included on the board are an Ultra-SCSI interface, a 10- or 100-Mb/s Ethernet interface using an RJ-45 connector, support for CRTs and LCDs, up to 256MB of DRAM, and support for DiskOnChip. An on-board PMC is provided, and up to two PMC modules can be added by using a carrier board.I/O features include keyboard, mouse, and USB ports, as well as a floppy-disk drive interface and a printer port.


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