Pluggable PCB-Mount Interconnects Simplify And Accelerate Wiring Of Industrial I/O Electronics

Aug. 1, 2001

Targeting decentralized industrial control applications, the BL I/O 3.5 board-mount interconnects are said to combine the compactness of pluggable connectors with the uncomplicated circuit layout of rail-mounted units. The BL I/O is a 30-position pluggable socket connector that offers the functionality of an eight-channel I/O interconnect with integral power distribution on a surface area of just 35 mm x 20 mm. The terminal block-style interconnects are said to reduce space requirements by more than 50% over conventional interconnection products and to slash system wiring costs by 40% by allowing field device connections to be made on site, directly at the controllers. At the field level, the standard version of the BL I/O 3.5 offers three connections per channel, with built-in cross-connections distributing power to the individual I/O channels. On the I/O side, there are eight sensor contacts and two connections for the power supply. Interface to the I/O electronics is via a standard 10-pole, 3.5-mm pin header with eight signal channels and two contacts for the power supply. A version with LEDS is also available. The interconnect has a rated voltage of 50V with a current-carrying capacity of 5A. For further information and prices, call WEIDMULLER INC., Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.


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