IEEE 1394-To-VME Adapter Board Delivers VME Memory Access

Sept. 1, 1999

The Model 2345 IEEE 1394-to-VME Direct Adapter is built for real-time applications requiring interoperability between a 1394-equipped host and a VMEbus system. The board efficiently maps IEEE 1394 messages directly into VME memory. It enables fast, efficient data transfers via IEEE 1394 read and write transactions. DMA transfers are handled by software using the firm’s Model 13-908 Windows 98 driver. Transfer size is limited by the amount of system memory Windows can allocate at one time. The unit supports VME interrupts for consistent performance and ease of application development. In addition, the board can serve as the VMEbus system controller, providing the VME system clock and reset and Bus Error global timeout. It’s VME processor-independent; no VME processor or processing is required. Address invariant byte swapping is supported.Model 2345 includes one 6U VMEbus card, support software and a manual.


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