333-MHz K6 CPU Powers VMEbus Board

March 1, 1999

The processing power of a 333-MHz AMD K6 CPU is brought to bear on factory automation and data acquisition applications in the VMIVME-7589A CPU board for the VMEbus. The feature-packed board includes an external Level 2 cache of 512 kbytes of synchronous burst SRAM and up to 256 Mbytes of SDRAM. It also offers a 64-bit PCI SVGA controller with 2 Mbytes of SGRAM and a Fast Ethernet controller that supports 10BaseT and 100BaseTX interfaces with remote Ethernet booting. There also are on-board EIDE hard and floppy disk controllers, two 16550-compatible serial ports, an enhanced parallel port, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports on the front panel. Operating system support is available for Windows NT and NT RTX, as well as VxWorks.


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